Experts in maintenance and logistics!


Our staff maintain a fair and respectful relationship and open dialogue with both customers and colleagues, which ensures efficient teamwork. The team is made up of both our and your staff. In this way, each of our consultants brings a variety of specialist knowledge to the set tasks. The knowledge of your staff contributes to our holistic understanding of the business processes involved. This generates mutual trust - supported by the knowledge that Orianda will adhere to the planned budget and schedule. The final result is a product that meets the highest quality demands.

Asset Management, Supply Chain Management, Mobility & Technology, Business Intelligence, Project Management

Orianda advises and supports major, well-known transport and logistics companies, energy suppliers, plus international systems manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies on issues of Asset Management, Supply Chain Management, Mobility & Technology, Business Intelligence and Project Management.

Expert knowledge

Orianda has many years of experience and established expertise, particularly in maintenance, logistics and application development. The goal at Orianda is to solve complex tasks in maintenance, logistics and application development through a holistic approach. 


Our customers work with us on a long-term basis. They value the quality and precision, the commitment and reliability, plus the individuality and flexibility offered by our consultation and project work. Innovative, modern, reliable solutions are designed and implemented in close cooperation with our customers.

Our staff

Orianda has a dedicated, team-oriented group of around 70 consultants who are innovative and experienced in international business. During their work, each member of staff takes on the responsibility for a sustainable result and customer satisfaction.

A winning team

Orianda solutions have already won the coveted „MAINTAINER.SAP“ title on two occasions.

In 2009, VOITH Turbo Lokomotivtechnik was awarded the prize for the portal-based, holistic OPRA asset management solution.

in 2005, the title went to the Swiss Federal Railway for the MARS application (Maintenance Application for Rolling Stock).