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Supply chain management – Planning and organisation of the material flow

Supply chain management is a key factor for the success of a company in all sectors. The planning and organisation of these processes presents a large number of technical and process configuration challenges, from purchasing through to production to delivery.

ORIANDA develops integrated business and technology solutions in supply chain management for its customers. It incorporates industry knowledge, gained over many years, in standards and best-practice tools, like industry-specific performance measurement systems and reference processes.

Supply chain control cockpit

We examine the performance of customer processes and IT systems based on performance measurement systems within the context of supply chain analysis and then deliver the basis for setting up a supply chain control cockpit, among other things.

SAP SCM and other standards

Supply chain design involves defining and optimising logistics processes and the associated design of supporting IT systems, like SAP SCM. Once again here, standardising processes play a key role due to the increasing diversity of corporate organisations and IT systems. ORIANDA offers crucial support in defining the correct standards for companies and then transferring them into all divisions of a company.


ORIANDA relies on recognised products for supply chain management and works closely with SAP. Innovations, like MII (Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence), SPP (Spare Part Planning) and PIO (Performance Insight and Optimisation) and/or SCIC (Supply Chain Information Cockpit) complete our range of services.